AddressGuadalajara Street, 646, Beach of Enseada, Guarujá


The 27 beaches of Guarujá

Guarujá offers 27 beaches of different styles. They are unique landscapes, true tropical havens with wild beaches and others with calm waters. Most of them offer great infrastructure to serve their visitors well.

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Our beach, the largest beach in the city, with 5.6 km in length, has endless recreational options on its edge, restaurants, the largest aquarium (Acqua Mundo) of South America, the main summer events, in addition to the beach itself, which is beautiful and has clear waters and rough seas. The beach Enseada it is also very popular for sports and nautical activities.
 Avenida Miguel Estefno, Balneario Cidade Atlântica


Considered the central beach of Guarujá, for its location on the city map, Pitangueiras has almost two kilometers of coastline and is a meeting point for sports, cultural and leisure activities. It is one of the most frequented beaches in the summer season and has a complete structure: from restaurants and hotels, to shopping malls, shopping arcades and supermarkets, thus explaining the favoritism of some tourists.
 Avenida Marechal Deodoro da Fonseca, Centro


Tombo beach is one of the highlights of Guarujá, being the only beach in the state of São Paulo to display a Blue Flag, an international certificate that guarantees the quality of the place in three aspects: Social, Environmental and Economic. With a length of 900 meters, accommodation and gastronomy, a Tombo beach is one of the main surf hotspots in the city, being a popular place for sports championships.
 Avenida Prestes Maia, Jardim Las Palmas

married sea

The beach of married sea received its name due to its topography, since when its tide is high, there is a junction of the sea with the beach of Pernambuco, resulting in a beautiful natural effect of the meeting of the beaches. Easy access to the beach married sea makes it a mandatory destination.
 Avenida das Americas, Balneario Praia do Pernambuco


Iporanga, in Tupi-Guarani, means beautiful river and the adjective perfectly fits the beach that bears the same name. Iporanga beach is close to a waterfall, which in times of high tide, houses a natural pool that involves the public that likes to appreciate the richness that nature provides us. Cozy beach for families and group of friends.
 Rodovia Ariovaldo de Almeida de Viana